Therapy Benefits


Dr. Leib has helped her clients...


Have Improved Quality of Life

Increase self-esteem and self-confidence,

Self-care in healthy ways,

Eliminate self-harming behaviors,

Develop healthy body image,

Improve communications skills,

Successfully manage anxiety and depression,

Express anger constructively,

Be more effective at school and work,

Improve judgement and increase positive decision making,

Effectively manage anger and improve frustration tolerance,

Find purpose and direction.


Have Successful and Rewarding Relationships

Develop relationship skills facilitating communication,

Effectively handle peer pressure,

Join healthy peer groups,

Cope with and eliminate bullying,

Decide whether to stay in or end a relationship,

Recover from an ended relationship.


Have More Loving and Supportive Family Lives

Thrive while parenting adolescents,

Master effective methods for raising challenging children,

Resolve conflict and value differences between family members.


Have Smoother Life Transitions

Successful school transition,

Successful transition into adulthood,

Adjust into blended family,

Mitigate and recover from the death of a loved one,

Successfully navigate a change in career,

Adapt to and accept changes in one’s physical health.


Recover From Addiction

Recover from addictions including alcohol, drugs, work, television, internet, exercise, food, sex, and others by learning more life-sustaining ways to self-care. (Addictions are often ways in which people unsuccessfully attempt to self-care).



Dr. Leib is extraordinarily qualified to provide valuable assistance in all of these areas not only because of her education, training and certifications, and extensive work experience (see Resume), but also through her personal life experiences.